US Will Provide MQ-9 REAPER Strike Drones To Ukraine.

US Will Provide MQ-9 REAPER Strike Drones To Ukraine.

America May Provide MQ-9 Reaper Strike Drones To Ukraine.
Ukraine is in talks to buy American-made heavy attack drones, which might tip the battle between Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian officials met with General Atomics, a California-based maker of military drones, including the MQ-9 Reaper, the US Air Force’s principal reconnaissance and strike UAV, last week in Washington.

Though any sale must be approved by the US government, it is improbable that such conversations between Ukraine and a US weapons contractor would have taken place without the Biden administration’s blessing.
C. Mark Brinkley, a spokesman for General Atomics, informed me, “We have planes available today for quick transfer.” “With US government assistance, those planes might be in the hands of Ukrainian military pilots in a matter of days.”

General Atomics has a track record of supplying MQ-9s to other countries fast. “In the past, we’ve worked with the US government to get MQ-9 Reapers to a partner country in under 30 days,” Brinkley added. “The logistics footprint might be very small, far smaller than what people think of when they think about UAS logistics in the United States.”

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