Unfair Advantage Review – Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Unfair Advantage App – who needs it?

The “Unfair” in Unfair Advantage comes from the marketing funnel, so it’s not what some may think. The point of the Unfair Advantage App is that these guys found a way to take advantage of Amazon’s cookie policy (more about that a bit later) in a new method that lets anybody to cash in if they utilize it as tought.

Unreasonable Advantage is all about Amazon affiliate program. So if you’re not thinking about that (how come?!?), you can safely stop reading right here, or possibly simply take a look at the other things we have actually reviewed (at the end of this post).

Amazon Cookies

In case you didn’t know, when you get somebody to click your Amazon affiliate link, they are cookied for 24 hours. This indicates that anything they buy on Amazon within these 24 hours, you get credited for and get commissions from Amazon. Now, these can vary from a few cents and all the way to thousands, because Amazon is selling all sort of things, from $2 books to $20,000+ tractors. Of course, noone can dependably tell you what individuals who clicked your link will buy, however you understand.

What can Unfair Advantage App do for you?

If you’re not using the Amazon affiliate program, just about nothing.

But given that you’re reading this, I expect you created your Amazon account already and are attempting to get individuals to buy throught your links. In case you are just thinking about it, Unfair Advantage will also reveal you how to do it.

There are lots of numerous trainings online that can inform you more about this, and many are worth their price, while others are not. However no matter how much you pay for a training, if you’re not following it and putting what you found out in action, it’s worth absolutely nothing. It just gathers the digital dust on your disk somewhere. I know, I have several that fall right into this classification …:-LRB-.

You’ll discover something in this training that you possibly have never ever believed of if you are a part of Amazon’s affiliate program. And yes, let me inform you right in the beginning, it’s extremely fascinating and well worth what they’re charging for ($ 17 for the FE). So let’s continue this Unfair Advantage evaluation with some more details about the system.

The stats and math

Amazon, Ebay and the rest of the huge online markets have actually gone bananas in 2020, partly likewise because of all this COVID-19 panic. So, it’s been approximated that something like 50% of US citizens are utilizing Amazon for ordering even stuff like groceries. Obviously, similar numbers are discovered all over the world, as we understand Amazon exists in lots of countries.

The Unfair Advantage App shows us how to be the most efficient in making individuals click our links in the first place, by which they become connected to us and whatever they buy in the future (within the 24 hours, as mentioned), we get the credit for. And earn Amazon’s commissions for the sale.

If we make a hundred individuals click our link, it can be approximated that some 20-30% will purchase something on Amazon throughout the period. Whether it’s immediately or later that day, we don’t care any longer. The very best part: it does not have to be the exact item we linked to, it can be anything.

Picture getting somebody to connect your Amazon link because they have an interest in that lip gloss that costs $12 and then, 2 hours later on, they hear something from their neighbour and rush to purchase the most recent iPhone through Amazon. Voila, you have your commission – I’m unsure in this minute just how much, however it’s around $80 for sure, because an iPhone costs $1,200, you know. Your commission is 6 times higher than the whole item expense of the product you originally promoted.

Are you getting the picture already?

Getting the Unfair Advantage App

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