Ukrainian Drones Hit The Russian BTR-82A Tank They Detected!

Ukrainian Drones Hit The Russian BTR-82A Tank They Detected!

Ukrainian Drones hit the Russian BTR-82A Tank They Detected!

We are here with the breaking news; The Ukrainian drone unit shot down the Russian BTR-82A tank, which it detected.

The Russian Federation’s attack on its western neighbor Ukraine continues unabated. On the 127th day of the attack, we are here with hot developments; Do not forget to like the video before moving on to the news. The Russian army’s attack on Ukrainian territory on February 24 caused enormous casualties.

The war between the Russian army, one of the most powerful armies in the world, and the Ukrainian army is taking place quite fiercely. The Ukrainian army found it very difficult to defend against the Russian army at the beginning of the attack.

The Russian army, which was advancing rapidly in Ukraine, established superiority over Ukrainian troops in many regions. But in the war, an unexpected situation occurred. The Ukrainian army, for which it was almost impossible to achieve success in the face of the incredible power of the Russian army, achieved great success thanks to the help it received from many western states, notably the United States.

The Ukrainian army, which has received equipment aid with the latest technology, has made very important moves to protect its people and lands. This situation caused the Russian army to have difficulties and suffer huge losses. The Ukrainian army, which acquired equipment equivalent of the Russian army’s, used this equipment in the most correct way and dragged the Russian army to failure.

This caused the Russian authorities to become quite angry and pressure the Russian soldiers to intensify the attacks. The Russian army, which involuntarily intensified its attacks, could not achieve the success it wanted to because it tried to continue the occupation with a lack of morale and motivation.

On top of that, the Russian army, which was attacked quite fiercely by the Ukrainian army, suffered great losses. This caused the Russian army to be demoralized and make mistakes during the attack. The Russian military was outraged when it received another report on these issues today.

According to a breaking news today, the Ukrainian drone unit shot down the Russian BTR-82A tank it detected. The Ukrainian military’s efforts to make Russian soldiers regret entering its territory continue unabated.

An image shared on Ukrainian news pages by Ukrainian soldiers shows the moments when the Ukrainian Aerorozvidka drone unit detects and destroys a Russian BTR-82A APC parked in an urban area. The images that are shared with the purpose of demoralizing Russian soldiers, made Russian officials very angry.

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