Top 15 Regal Moments Of Animals Attacking Drones

Top 15 Regal Moments Of Animals Attacking Drones

Drones are becoming more and more popular, and people use them for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, however, they take them into unknown territory, where the drones meet an unwelcoming fate. Have you ever seen a drone being attacked by an eagle? What about a drone that decides not to listen to orders and just takes off on its own, with a dog attached to it? If you want to see some spectacular drone footage, keep watching, as we countdown the top 19 regal moments when animals attacked drones.

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As soon as not one, but two owls appear out of nowhere and attempt to attack and snatch your drone for their nest, you know you’re in trouble. Seeing something like this is rare. This guy must have had an incredible time. It was obvious he had to stop flying to protect them and his beloved drone, so he did just that. You can see this owl charging a drone in mid-air. I guess these birds of prey see these gadgets flying in the air and consider them prey or a danger to themselves. I hope the owl wasn’t hurt when he collided with the drone.


This shark cam took a massive hit from a shark while it was on a shoot, filming the secret hunting behavior of the largest great white sharks on earth. I guess it was built for the job and sustained the attacks.


This guy reported, during two different outings with his drone, that a large flock of pigeons circled his drone. The scary part was the fact the birds weren’t spooked by the contraption one bit, and they even got extremely close to it, as if to make sure it wasn’t threatening to them. Another flock of pigeons tried to scare off a drone by flying around it. It is only normal birds react this way when they see a UFO, because that’s what it is for them, and try investigating what it is. Fortunately, none of the pigeons were injured and the drone was left intact.

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