Top 10 Combat Drones In The World 2021

Top 10 Combat Drones In The World 2021

An unmanned combat aerial vehicle is also known as a combat drone or battlefield UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is used for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance and may carry aircraft ordnance such as missiles, ATGMs, and bombs in hardpoints to be used for drone strikes.

Nowadays, military drones are taking over the skies. Forget fighter jets and stealth bombers, decommission ground attack aircraft, and with a gentle touch of a command console and switch to autonomous mode. We need as little interference from squishy human beings as possible because unmanned aerial vehicles are where the future of aerial warfare is. Many nations have adopted one or another form of UAV for surveillance and communication, and a number of them wield drones that can actually fight. Be it using air-to-ground missiles, laser-guided bombs or even experimental air-to-air capability, most of today’s aerial missions can be performed by drones. Not all combat drones are created equal, though. Some of them are just enhanced versions of surveillance UAVs, while others were built to be almost as capable as the most advanced jet fighters.

The criteria to compare them are the same, though. On this occasion, we want to select the most effective, the most capable and the most combat-ready of them all. With this in mind, let’s check it out.

No 10. TAI Aksungur drone
No 9. CAIG GJ-2 or Wing Loong II drone
No 8: Altair / Altius drone
No 7: EADS Barracuda drone
No 6: The General Atomics Avenger drone
No 5. Northrop Grumman X-47 drone
No 4. Hongdu GJ-11 drone
No 3. Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B drone
No 2.Taranis drone
No 1. XQ-58A Valkyrie drone

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