The Drones & Mechs Tutorial | ???? Gift Code

The Drones & Mechs Tutorial | ???? Gift Code

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War Planet Online is an MMO strategy military mobile game in which you can rule the world.

Create and Lead your massive army to dominate everyone on a real-world map. Build your own base to form the backbone of your defence and survive your enemies’ assault. Produce troops, tanks, fighters, helicopters, and other vicious weapons of modern warfare. Craft and upgrade multiple offensive and defensive items that makes you more powerful and enrich your strategic opportunities

Join or create an alliance with other players and fight against factions from your world or from other realms in a multiverse war.

March your army to conquer and dominate the planet in the MMO multiplayer military game universe of WPO.

Dominate nations and launch global warfare, using real-time strategy to command and conquer.

About War Planet Online:

When the entire world is at war, bold generals rise to the challenge by bringing out the big guns. Take action in the most exciting MMO real-time strategy game!

Build your own base to form the backbone of your defence and to survive your enemies’ assault. Then stockpile troops, tanks, helicopters, and other weapons of modern warfare and march your army across a real-world map, unlike any other multiplayer military game you’ve seen.

Form an alliance with other players to expand your battle capabilities, and launch a global assault using intricate, real-time strategy to command and conquer.


► Play with thousands of RTS players from around the world that can become members of your alliance or the next target of your guns.
► Talk with friends and foes alike in the Global Chat as you plot your real-time strategy.
► Discover key cities across the map that grant unique bonuses to their controlling alliance.

► Order the construction of base buildings for defence and production.
► Amass a fully battle-ready army by combining your troops, tanks, artillery guns and air support for your own style of modern warfare.
► Recruit the best Commanders you can find to lead your army on each assault, and maximize your power to command and conquer.
► Commander Add-Ons even let you customize your Commanders with powerful new skills and bonuses.
► Conduct research to unlock new technology. Each discovery powers up your battle game plan
► Craft a variety of gear and upgrades for your guns and other tools of modern warfare.

► Order your army to battle anywhere around the massive real-world map.
► Coordinate with your alliance to call for backup during battle and maximize the destruction of each assault.
► Survive the constant action of a never-ending, real-time, multiplayer strategy game!

► The World HQ is the heart of the conflict! All players will work together to construct it… while simultaneously vying to control it.
► Vote for a World President or Dictator! Each gets to issue orders that reshape the overall nature of the game’s strategy.
► Launch your own Orbital Command, a space station from which alliance leaders can unleash powerful effects across large sections of the global map.

► War is always evolving, and new units and gear for your Commanders are added with every update!
► As your World HQ grows, the world itself changes with it, unlocking new features for all players, and new strategies to learn and master.
► Seasonal events bring fresh new Renegades into the battle for you to march against.

There’s no time to lose, General! Download War Planet Online and join the ultimate MMO strategy game experience.

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Holidays at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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