Switchblade Kamikaze Drones Russia’s Worst Nightmare

Switchblade Kamikaze Drones Russia’s Worst Nightmare

In today’s session we will discuss everything related to Switchblade Kamikaze Drones, is it Russia’s Worst Nightmare? If you are curious on this topic, don’t go anywhere, stay tuned only at this channel.

Before we move further, we need to answer the question, what are actually the Switchblade drones?

The Switchblade refers to a loitering munition developed by AeroVironment. It is designed as a “kamikaze,” that this drone is able to crash into its target with an explosive warhead to destroy it. They are single-use weapons with unmanned aircraft that are capable of inflicting significant damage. The drones have blade-like wings that emerge when the device is launched. The Switchblade is small enough to be carried in a backpack and can be launched from a variety of ground, maritime, and air platforms.

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