Switchblade Drones Causing Heavy Losses To Russian Tanks.

Switchblade Drones Causing Heavy Losses To Russian Tanks.

Switchblade drones causing heavy losses to Russian tanks.
Switchblade 300 the Ukrainian Armed Forces have probably used the American kamikaze drone for the first time.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine started to use the ammunition (kamikaze drones) transferred to the United States to fight against the invaders.

Russian propaganda Telegram channels are spreading photos of the wreckage of one of these drones. According to them, in the Kharkiv region, Ukrainians have used the new weapons.
It is difficult to determine the type of ammunition used to shoot at the Russians. The wreckage does not show the name or label of the manufacturer. The Russian invaders speculated that they were shelled by the Phoenix Ghost.
However, comparisons with the photos of the Switchblade 300 UAV suggest that the photo taken by the Russians shows the back of the latter kamikaze drone.
On the same day, May 6, the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade announced the use of the Switchblade UAV on its front line. The Brigade published a video confirmation.

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