Russian ‘Suicide Drones’ Blasting Ukrainian Positions

Russian ‘Suicide Drones’ Blasting Ukrainian Positions

Russian ‘Suicide Drones’ Blasting Ukrainian Positions Appear Online; Experts Say Moscow Could Use Them As ‘Aerial Minefield’.

As the Russia-Ukraine war intensifies, Russian armed forces have become a subject of mockery by several western experts due to the poor military tactics adopted by Moscow against a ‘much feeble’ Ukraine.

The latest example of Russia’s poor tactics appeared recently when the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a video on March 11, showcasing a column of Russian tanks being ambushed about 35km from Kyiv and were forced to retreat.

It appears that President Putin has had enough of the ‘mocking’ with images and videos of Russian tanks, air defenses, artillery columns and convoys being destroyed by drones and artillery fire by the Ukrainian forces.

It appears that Putin may have finally decided to turn these tactics against the Ukrainian forces and give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video on March 12, likely taken by an Orlan-10 UAV, showing Krasnopol laser-guided artillery strikes in Kyiv Oblast.
Orlan-10 is a medium-range, multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the Russian firm Special Technology Center LLC in St Petersburg.

While this is not the first time Orlan-10 has been used by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, the latest images from Ukrainian sources also show the remains of what appears to be a Russian-made ‘kamikaze’ suicide drone that fell over the Ukrainian capital.
Ukrainian sources have claimed that this drone “contained a kilogram of explosives (plastids) with metal balls” and fell over the roof of a building in Podil neighborhood in Kiev and set the roof on fire. The accompanying photos also show clouds of smoke emerging out of a roof on a building.

The drone featured in the images looks like a KYB “kamikaze” UAV which is developed by ZALA Aero Group, a Russian company that specializes in the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It is the subsidiary of Kalashnikov Group, famous for developing the world’s most iconic weapon, the AK-47 Assault Rifle.

If true, this could be the first documented instance of Russian forces deploying loitering munitions to Ukraine.

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