PowerRay Fishing Drone


Who says you can’t combine fishing with drones and have a little bit more fun? The PowerRay Fishing Drone makes it all possible. In fact, this drone can help you become the fisherman you have always wanted to be. When it comes to going out to the lake, river, or sea, you can have the best of everything – you can have the whole nine yards – but if you set yourself up in the wrong spot you’re not going to get a very big catch. Having experience and knowledge is great, but it can only take you so far. You see, this is where the PowerRay Fishing Drone comes into play. Do we have your attention? Good, stick with us for a bit so that we can tell you all about this interesting drone …

PowerVision is the company that is based in China – they are well known for creating top of the line UAVs that range from unmanned fixed-wing and multirotors to rotary wing aircraft.

How Deep Can the PowerRay Fishing Drone Dive?

The PowerRay Fishing Drone can dive down 98 feet (almost 30 meters) under the water, which is really good. When it’s under the water, you can turn on the “Fishfinder” sonar component. This component is capable of detecting fish that are another 40 meters below it. So, while the drone can dive down almost 30 meters, you can add another 40 meters to that.

WiFi System

The drone has a neat WiFi system, which is something that originally caught my eye.  While it’s under the water watching your worm and doing the work for you, it can send images and video through the integrated 4K camera. That’s right, it has a 4K camera, which is out of this world.

PowerRay Fishing Drone


Send Data on the Temperature

Apart from sending you images and video, it can send additional data in regards to the temperature as well as the underwater landscape. This data can be viewed through a dedicated Android or an iOS app.

Fish Luring Light

Would you believe it if we told you this drone has an internal fish luring light? If you have a lot of knowledge in regards to fishing, you probably understand that fish are attracted to certain lighting. Most fish attract to the “hue of blue,” which is the lighting this drone has installed. Looking through reviews, many users claimed that the “hue of blue” lighting seemed to really work.

Remove-Controlled Bait Drop

We also feel the need to mention the neat remote-controlled bait drop – this is something we just cannot get over. It can put those snares in the best location and personally, we believe it is a good idea.

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality aspect is something else that is going to amaze you. You can control this option through your own VR goggles. There’s PowerVision VR goggles that you can use with this device to control the robot simply by moving your head.



If you’re trying to find ways to get a step ahead of your fishing buddies during your next fishing trip, then the PowerRay Fishing Drone would be a viable option. This product has already gained a large amount of attention. If you are the type of person that goes fishing on a routine basis, this drone would be useful.

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Holidays at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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