Mavic Mini New Firmware issue?

I stumbled upon this post about drones, and here it is.


Long time member for fixed wing and multi rotors, I need some help or advice?

I just upgraded my Mavic Mini to the new firmware. The install went without an issue. I took it out and flew some nice routes several times until it starting getting a bit gusty.

On my final landing that day I brought it down normally. Just before it landed, the screen flashed a error message on my phone for second, the drone "skipped" the throttle.. it hesitated and fell from 4′ to hardpack on its side.

No damage, not even any scratches, it seemed odd and I could not retrieve any message after retrieval and and refocus.

The next day I took it out for another session 2 sats, compass good… normal….. but on the first launch launch it leaned hard to the right, after it climbed out to ~ 4′ it went FULL THROTTLE… smacking into sea grasses in the backyard..luckily

I say luckily because I could not stop the throttle. the throttle did nothing as I tried to stop it… was stuck wide open.

So I rebooted …. did an IMU cal, Compass cal and reloaded the app on my phone.

Tried a test launch again near the grass, because I am afraid this thing will climb-out and just go until the battery dies. same…damn….thing.. πŸ™

I tried 2 more tests, calibration, reloaded firmware with…my desktop… still launches gets to 3-4 feet and goes[B] full Psycho[/B]!!

Any ideas what could be happening? I find it hard to believe a little rough bump caused it. I have read something about rear motor spin issues after the firmware?

But there are no errors… it passes calibration of IMU and compass? Why would it go full throttle AND lock the controller out.. it takes full down stick for like 10 secs to kill it.

IMU?….from a hard bump?

Any suggestions would be helpful, I don’t want to send it for repairs unless I have to.



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