Larger build, autonomous and freestyle with decent runtime

I found another article about quadcopters, and here it is.


I’m looking to build a larger (7-8") quad with a longer flight time (20-30min?) and some autonomous capabilities. I’d like to be able to do some freestyle with it although I have a Diatone GTR369 if I want something that’s really quick so it doesn’t need to be crazy. I’d also like to mount a camera gimbal on the front and use the second version of ByteFrost once it’s released. I want a top-mount battery so that the bottom is flat for landing.


8" LONG RANGE BUILD – IFLIGHT XL8 V4 – XING 2806.5 1800KV – TMOTORS F55A PROII F3 – KAKUTE F7 V1.5 (16 min 8 sec)

Initially I was thinking of a 7" build but I’m now leaning towards an 8" build with the iFlight XL8 V4 frame. (…-fpv-3819.html) I was planning to use 1300kV 2806.5 motors, either the BrotherHobby Avenger or more likely the iFlight Xing but they are much the same. I’d probably pair this with a bi-blade propeller for efficiency, maybe a HQProp 8045 (Not PC) or a Gemfan 8038 (PC) – It does seem to be a bit easier to find 7" PC propellers though such as the HQProp 7045.

Batteries is where it gets interesting, I’m planning to use a 21700-sized Li-Ion (INR) battery to build a 6S pack or possibly even an 8S pack if I can find a motor with a suitable kV – Molicel INR21700 P42A (3.7V / 4200mAh / 30A continuous discharge / 21mm x 70mm):…21700-battery/

6S would fit the frame nicely along the top of the frame in a double-length triangle pack but I’m concerned about the 30A limit (~666Watts) – An 8S pack would increase the available power greatly (~888A) but the 1300kV would be totally wrong and I don’t think I need motors which are any more powerful than the 2806.5’s.

For ESCs I was considering using an 8S-compatible ESC in case I went down that route, either initially or in the future. Possible candidates:
Racerstar ReachUP 100A 8S (4in1):…p-1529215.html
Racerstar Metal 60A 8S (4in1):…p-1453469.html
4x iFlight SucceX X80A 8S (Single):…p-1522974.html

For FC I’d probably use a Matek F7 as these are well tested with iNav, either the F722-PX with a 4in1 ESC or the F722-SE with individual ESCs.

Any suggestions on this build? The iFlight Xing 2814 motors are available with a better kV for 8S (880kV) but all of the tests I’ve seen have been using much larger props and it’s a bit overkill for this build – Maybe I should be considering a 10" 8S build using the iFlight XL10 V4 frame or iFlight DC10 V2 frame and these motors?…p-1532674.html…product_id=927…ing&order=DESC

If I were to do a build using the DC10 frame with its deadcat layout, I could mount a 4S pack to each side of the electronics tray.

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