HUGE Miniguns on Tiny Drones – DRONE The Game

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DRONE, in its core, is a multiplayer arena shooter. The gameplay is centered around fast paced aerial combat in spectacular scifi arenas. But wait, there is more: Create and manage complex remote controlled battle vehicles that fit your playstyle. Anything from tiny drones that fit through the smallest gaps for stealthy hit and run strategies to tanky behemoths with devastating firepower are possible. What you want to create and how you want to play is up to you! During early access the possibilities will increase frequently, for example ground based vehicles are on our roadmap.

There is also a very powerful arena editor alpha build available to play around with. When all core features of the game are ready the arena editor will be integrated directly into the game, opening up a whole universe of user created content, from the community, for the community.

Remember to flag any negative comments that you come across. The community is build on good vibes, so let’s join forces and keep it that way together. Appreciate you for being here 🙂

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