How Armed Drones Disrupt Modern Warfare

How Armed Drones Disrupt Modern Warfare

Hat tip to an anonymous Asianometry viewer for suggesting this topic and additional background.

One of the bigger things that happened in 2020 was that two countries – Azerbaijan and Armenia – fought a war. The war lasted for about 6 weeks, and it has set the air defense world ablaze.

For the first time, the world got to see a national army bring a fleet of armed drones to the battlefield. And the impact those drones have made was huge.

Using a swarm of cheap Turkish drones and Israeli loitering munitions, Azerbaijan swept aside Armenia’s air defenses and paved a road to victory.

Cheap armed drone technologies are spreading like wildfire across the world. In this video, I want to look at how such drones add new wrinkles, opportunities and challenges to modern warfare.

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