GoolRC T47 Foldable Drone

In this short review we are going to take a look at the T47 foldable drone from GoolRC who are beginning to get a great reputation for making quality inexpensive drones.

The GoolRC T47 has some great features that make this under $100 drone worth taking a closer look at…

Who would Like this Drone?

Firstly this would be a great beginner drone for someone who is looking for a drone with camera that can be used indoors or out. If you are a keen traveller or are on the go a lot and want a drone that can be easily carried then this is a great compact drone that is stored in a nice case for easy transport.

For those who are more serious RC hobbyists this might make a great second or third drone that you can use indoors or outdoors.

What do you get with GoolRC T47 Foldable Drone?

The drone arrives nicely packed with easy to understand instructions in English and other languages. As well as the drone with its  720P HD camera you also get a controller, case, USB Charger and battery. A nice extra is spare props and a screwdriver to attach them when needed.  You will also need 2 AAA batteries that are not included.

Features of the  GoolRC T47

Compact Storage

This is what we really loved about this drone. The drones propellers fold up making the drone about the size of a phone. Everything is stored in a carbon fiber style textured zippered semi-hard protective case. This attractive and useful case shows that GoolRC are out to produce a quality product.


You have an option of controlling the drone using the controller provided or using an app on your smart device. The app seems to be the easier to use of the two options. You can use the controller with just one hand. It was giving mixed reviews though, with some users finding it easier than others. If you are a seasoned drone enthusiast and have used other controllers it might take an hour or two to get used to this drone. The controller has a nice hover feature which is great for those selfies!


The battery takes around 45 minutes to charge and you get a flying time of between 7-10 minutes. If you want to get more fun and flying time out of your drone we strongly suggest buying some spare batteries. You can pick up a pack of 3 batteries for under 25 bucks when you buy this drone and you still should be in budget for an under $100 drone. Batteries are really easy to remove and put in, it just involves a click of a button and then sliding them in or out.


The 720P HD camera while not fantastic does a good job of taking stills and video.

The GoolRC T47 can be flown indoors and outdoors but as it is a small lightweight drone if the weather is windy we would suggest not flying it. Its a nice looking drone and its bright red color makes it easy to see. The GoolRC T47 drone is reported to be very durable. In case you do break any of the props it does come with handy replacements.




To get the best from the GoolRC T47 make sure that you spend a little time reading through the instructions first. We think this is a nice drone for the price even factoring in the cost of a few extra batteries. The drone looks good and its lightweight. Its durable build and storage case means it can easily be carried anywhere you want to take it. The only real con seems to be as with most drones on the market the time it takes to learn how to control it. For newbie drone enthusiast, those wanting a drone that is easy to transport or if you are just in the market for another quality drone at a budget friendly price then you can’t really go wrong with the GoolRC T47.



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Holidays at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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