FPV Vs. NORMAL DRONES | Which One Is More Cinematic?

FPV Vs. NORMAL DRONES | Which One Is More Cinematic?

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Cinematic FPV or Normal Drones? Throughout the last years it got more and more popular to strap a GoPro onto racing drones in the world of filmmaking. In this video I’m taking a closer look at the differences between both drone types, the benefits & disadvantages and a cinematic comparison of the actual footage. Together with my buddy Matthias we headed out into the snow covered wilderness of southern Bavaria which was the perfect place to test both drones. Obviously there had to be a crash (as always), but this time it wasn’t me! 😉 Enjoy the video!

0:00 Intro
1:18 Overview
2:46 The Differences
4:22 Benefits & Disadvantages
9:24 Cinematic Comparison
12:38 GoPro Recovery Mission
16:09 My Thoughts on Both Drone Types
18:36 Outro

Thanks to @Matthias Dangl for the fun day and for sacrificing his GoPro. 😀
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