Finally : US Army Fields Newest Counter-drone System

Finally : US Army Fields Newest Counter-drone System

US Army fields newest counter-drone system.

The Army press release said that the Soldiers trained on the M-LIDS weapon system, which can be mounted on all-terrain mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle, or MATV, and is designed to target and disable, or destroy hostile drones or other unmanned aerial vehicles, in support of the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve advise, assist, and enable mission.

The number of commercial off-the-shelf drones and the availability of kits and online tutorials to build drones out of easy-to-find items, means that counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) must be modular, open architecture and scalable to evolve with the threat. Both terrorist organizations and nation states have used weaponized drones to inflict damage ranging from targeted attacks on individual tanks to broad scale attacks against strategic critical infrastructure

The newest M-LIDS provides Soldiers the mobility, firepower and protection required to detect, identify, trackand defeat unmanned aircraft system (UAS) threats.

The current M-LIDS capability also allows easy system improvement as new technolo-gies develop in the future. Through rigorous Army testing, M-LIDS is a low-risk mobile counter-UAS capability thatis available today.

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