Episode 199. Jumbo Drones

Episode 199. Jumbo Drones

First. Strike. The newest. The next episode of Combat Approved begins with a real sensation. The S-70 Hunter heavy unmanned aerial vehicle is a development of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was created using stealth technology and is armed to the teeth. Its joint flight with a 5th generation fighter Su-57 caused a furor in the media and attracted the attention not only of ordinary people, but also specialists. The interview with its creator will be a real exclusive. The second hero of the program is the first fully electric Orion large drone. Up to that moment it was also completely classified. A 24-hour continuous flight at an altitude of 26000 feet is a routine for this vehicle. It knows how to fight. Finally, the next premiere of the program will be the Korsar aerial reconnaissance vehicle – the only UAV in the country that can carry all kinds of payloads from video and photo equipment to meteorological instruments and weapons. In addition, the viewers will see a 5-ton giant – a firefighting drone. And they will also learn what kind of fabric is used to make the UAVs and in which furnace airborne robots are baked.

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