Drones And Aerotaxis MAKS – 2021 | Post Drones, Drone Scout, Fighter Jet

Drones And Aerotaxis MAKS – 2021 | Post Drones, Drone Scout, Fighter Jet

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You are on the PRO Robotics channel. The International Aerospace Salon MAKS-2021 took place in Zhukovsky near Moscow and in this video we have collected for you all the high-tech novelties of the exhibition from drones to aerotaxis. Be sure to watch the video to the end and write in the comments, which of the flying machines impressed you?

0:00 In this episode
0:21 Sigma-7
0:50 Hoversurf cab
1:33 SmartHELI drones
2:04 Checkmate fighter jet
2:55 ZALA VTOL drone
3:40 Refueling drone
4:20 Vityaz fire control system
5:03 Radar homing head
5:38 Hydrometeorological laboratory
6:05 Russian Post drones
7:00 Drone Hunters
7:36 Long Range Radar Surveillance Drone

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