Drone Programming With Python Course | 3 Hours | Including X4 Projects | Computer Vision

Drone Programming With Python Course | 3 Hours | Including X4 Projects | Computer Vision

This is the Drone programming with python course. Here we are going to learn the basics of a drone including the components and how the drone flies. Then we will look the installations and the basic movements along with image capture. From their we will create exciting projects including Surveillance drone , Face tracking and line following drone.
If you are a beginner don’t worry this course is for you we will focus on the implementation part so that you can get most practical experience out of this. And even though we will be using a specific drone for this course 80% of the material covered in this course can be used with any drone.

Code and Resources:

Drone Programming Course

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
1:00 What is a drone?
2:14 Components of a drone
05:56 How does a drone fly?
08:42 Tello Drone
11:25 App Setup and Test Run
15:07 Installations
19:21 Basic Movements
31:16 Image Capture
36:27 Keyboard Control
59:13 Project 1 – Surveillance
1:10:34 Project 2 – Mapping
1:52:15 Project 3 – Face Tracking
2:32:18 Project 4 – Line Follower

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