Drone News, New Amazon Patent, Ebee Tac, DOT’s Look At Drones, Pilot Institute Update

Drone News, New Amazon Patent, Ebee Tac, DOT’s Look At Drones, Pilot Institute Update

This week in drone news, a new amazon patent seeks to pair unmanned aircraft with unmanned ground vehicles, the new Ebee tactical fixed-wing UAS, U.S. Department of Transportation’s look at drones, and a Pilot Institute update.

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0:00 Introduction
00:39 New Amazon Patent
02:11 Ebee Tactical
03:30 DOT Secretary’s look at drones
04:36 Pilot Institute update

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New amazon patent combines unmanned ground robots with package delivery unmanned aircraft.
Both systems are in constant communication and are outfitted with sensors to avoid obstacles and people.
This mimics UPS’s approach of adding a drone into the UPS truck, but Amazon’s idea eliminates the truck driver.

Sensefly has released the new ebee tactical. This new ebee is designed to fly mapping missions BVLOS for military troops.
Can be operated with radio silence. Aircraft also has encrypted C2 functions.
90 minute flight time
Total weight 3.5lbs
NDVI and RGB payloads

senseFly Releases eBee TAC UAS

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg got some hands-on with a special drone that could fly more than 100 mph.
Looks like some sort of FPV system based on the goggles.
This was at the Global Air Drone Academy in Baltimore.
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