DJI Mini 3 Pro Vs Autel Nano Plus – Best Mini Drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro Vs Autel Nano Plus – Best Mini Drone

I wanted the Autel Evo Nano Plus to give the Mini 3 Pro a challenge but results are less than desirable.
I don’t like to say “Beginner Drone Comparison” because these sensors and features are professional caliber while still being a maximum convenience in a tiny body under 250g. Mini drone makes more sense.

I have a whole review on the Mini 3 Pro, we know it just performs.
In several areas the Autel was trying but not really delivering. App crashes, funky bugs, switching filming modes on its own, flying hiccups and other things made me have to retake everything with it again and again.
Even pretending I have a bugged model, its still questionable if it competes with the Mini 3 Pro in the final product.

Nano Plus panoramic photos are really slow, flight settings are not as intuitive or smooth, you fly lined up with something but then end up misaligning the frame somehow, shooting a flat color profile is only in full-auto settings, hyperlapse has very limited options so you get super bouncy results. Digital sharpening and vibrance is added to the video so beginners (most buyers) may think its better only because its different but it is a blotchy look I don’t want.

Typically you have Pros and Cons on every comparison between two, but there weren’t any areas they both share where the Autel Nano + gets back at the Mini 3 Pro other than low-light footage which was beautiful on the Evo Nano Plus even if it feels like its by accident.

Things only Autel nano plus has:
Rad color options

Things only Mini 3 Pro has:
Vertical Filming
47m battery option
Smart Remote included for less money than the Nano+ alone dfkdfj
Active Track (yes, Nano lists tracking since January launch but it isn’t ready)

Sucks because I really want to see Autel do well and having a second brand to shop from would be great, but right now DJI still just knocks it out of the park and performs well at the same time that Autel sadly didn’t deliver.

After thinking about it more, this drone was built to tackle the Mini 2 but maybe it was pushed out hastily in January 2022 because of the concern that a Mini 3 Pro was about to come out in April and they would have lost basically the whole market.
They were maybe forced to just halt the project and release the drone in January to get as much money back as they could instead of dominating the mini drone market with what was supposed to be a super version of the Mini 2.

I would still like to try out the Nano Lite since it has a similar build to the Evo II Pro 6K, which was a drone that didn’t fly well but had a really awesome picture (once you played with settings, out the box image was gross)

1:20 Areas Covered
1:30 Image Comparison
3:38 Afternoon
5:42 A-Log vs D-Cinelike
7:30 Sunset
8:01 Flying/Cinematography
9:20 Price
10:34 Photography
11:40 Connection
12:00 Low Light
13:30 Hyperlapse
14:42 Extra Features
15:22 Tracking
15:55 No Geofencing
16:20 Collision Sensors
17:20 Summary
19:15 Bottom Line

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Holidays at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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