DJI Mavic 3 Review – King Of Drones // 6 Months In

DJI Mavic 3 Review – King Of Drones // 6 Months In

This Mavic 3 Cine review is after 6 months of using this drone regularly, I’m sort of obligated to do this now because I use it constantly over my other drones. The default color is really incredible, but I also have the option to color grade because of the rich data and Prores format.

After firmware updates from DJI this drone now has hyperlapse, a huge battery, a 7x zoom camera with manual picture settings like shutter, iso, etc. (coming in next update) and it’s heavy enough to sit still in the wind at night and do a 1 second long exposure.

Cannot recommend it enough just because of how little you have to stress over what you’re filming since anything it records has turned out better after viewing than what I had pictured in my head. Again and again.

The DJI RC Pro is such a VIP feature, seriously makes flying fun again not having to consider a phone.

Most shots filmed between California, San Diego, Highway 1 in Northern California, Scottsdale Arizona

Most shots:
Prores 24fps – Normal Color Profile
DJI 16ND filter
1/60 shutter
ISO 100
Graded in Adobe Premiere Pro using Lumetri Color

I teach a course on Cinematography and Editing + Marketing drone footage, you can check my credentials

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1:00 Original Launch
1:40 Normal Profile is really capable
3:00 Prores even worth it?
3:33 Who is this for? Why not Air 2S
4:50 Firmware Updates
5:33 Low Light/Long Exposures
7:05 Color Grading Footage
8:36 RC Pro Controller
10:20 Bottlenecks removed
10:51 7x zoom 2nd lens
11:00 Firmware Updates
12:30 Cinematography Tips
14:00 Battery Life
14:30 Price worth it?

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