Configurating Turnigy 9X with KAKUTE on Betfalight

I found another article about quadcopters, and here it is.

Hey all, I am building my first quadrotor :),

Actually, I am using for my setup:
– KAKUTEF4 AIO V2 as a flight controller,
– AFRO 12A ESC firmware : afro_net.hex (SimonK),
– Turnigy 9X FS-TH9X for the radio,
– TGY IA6C, receiver.

The quad is actually assembled with these components AFRO ESCs connected to FC KAKUTE board. The same, the receiver is connected to FC board with the S.BUS configuration. I am looking actually to configurate FC with Betaflight. Everything seems Ok. I am able to see the signal corresponding to the radio on Betaflight workspace (Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Throttle, AUX, etc.) (pic: SignalRadio.png).

Unfortunately, (Here I come), when I increase the throttle, only one motor (#3) speed up before the others, then the other follows. When the throttle is at 100%, motor 3 is at 100% and the others are at 50% 🙁 (pic: Motors.png)
I tried to change the quad configuration (4231 to 1243), in this case motor (#4) speed increases faster than the others (pic: Motors_Mix2.png).
It seems that it come from the setup of the radio, but I am not sure…
I have understood that I need to set the model to “airplane” in the radio (What I have done, using a mixer GEAR on CH5, GYR as Master and FLP as SLAVE). Is that true?
Can you help me to fix that problem please?

Thank you!

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