Can someone bring me up to speed on drone law?

I found another post about quadcopters, and you’re welcome to take a look.

I have not been able to fly since just after the time when the Phantom 4 pro came out (I was flying the Phantom 4 standard), I remember back then there few actual laws covering drones, mostly just “recommendations” mascaraeding as laws, but I know there have been some changes since then.

My understanding is that the FAA’s dronephobic, make it basically impossible to fly anywhere interesting, recommendations are now law, is that correct? If so, how strictly is it being enforced?

The law at the time was that the drone had to have your registration number on it, but it was OK to have it inside a battery compartment, is that still allowed?

I now have a Mavic Air 2, the settings have an option to turn off identification (whatever that tech was that DJI developed to let a person from the ground scan the drone and get all your personal information) does turning it off actually prevent that or is DJI lying? I don’t need some paranoid loon or overzealous misinformed cop (possibly also a paranoid loon), or anyone else for that matter, with a scanner getting my information.

Any other legal changes I should be aware of?

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