Betaflight Dshot Beacon Configuration for maximum volume

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How to configure your Dshot Beacon Configuration for maximum volume

TLDR: Use Beacon Tone 4 because Beacon Tone 4 is 2x louder than Beacon Tone 1

While configuring your Dshot Beacon settings in Betaflight, you might’ve wondered, like I did, which beacon tone to go with. Of course, you could select one that sounds the best to you, but as I’ve lost more than a few quads, I wanted to be sure that I would be able to find my next one. If you haven’t used the Dshot Beacon Configuration tool before, essentially this is using the motors to resonate at a pitch that we can hear. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it on constantly if you are trying to find your model for two reasons. One is it wears down the battery more quickly as it’s effectively powering the motors, thus shortening the amount of time you have to find your craft. Two, the motors might overheat as they have no cooling as they are not spinning, potentially burning out the esc or motor.

The question is: which beeper tone is the loudest?

To find out, I used an SPL meter. I used to work in the AV industry so I still have some testing equipment, including an SPL meter. I ran each test 3 times and averaged the dba of the 3 tests. I ran tests on both a larger 2207 1860kv motor as well as a smaller 1105 5000kv motor to see if there was a difference. I ran the test at the standard 1 meter away. I used an A weighted SPL meter to best match our non linear hearing. 1 standard deviation was found to be .3 dB across tests.
Tests were done with a 4s battery. A 6s battery was tested and results proved to add an extra 2dB across each setting.

2207 motor results:
1: 74.5 dBa
2: 75.1 dBa
3: 76.5 dBa
4: 77.3 dBa
5: 71.8 dBa

1105 motor results:
1: 70 dBa
2: 68.9 dBa
3: 69.8 dBa
4: 70.6 dBa
5: 70.7 dBa

So what’s the verdict? For someone with good hearing, it looks from data that motor setting number 4 would be the best bet. It is 3dB more, or 2x as loud, as the quietest setting, 1, on the 2207 motors. Setting 4 is the highest in pitch. If you are hard of hearing or have lost the ability to hear higher frequencies, you might find setting 3 to be the best choice.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this helpful!
Feel free to add additional findings or point out inaccuracies 🙂

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