Amazon Delivery Drones Will Save The Company Billions

Amazon Delivery Drones Will Save The Company Billions

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Amazon’s delivery drones will change the company forever and save the e-commerce giant billions of dollars. It costs far less to maintain a fleet of drones than to operate ground transportation. Amazon Prime Air will reduce the company’s shipping costs dramatically. Drone delivery will make human delivery drivers obsolete, and electric drones will allow Amazon to reduce fuels costs significantly. Amazon spends about $47 billion per year on shipping, and those costs could be almost entirely eliminated thanks to delivery drones. Amazon’s most recent Prime Air drone prototype is capable of vertical takeoff and landing as well as sustained forward flight. It can deliver packages of up to five pounds and detect obstacles using ultrasonic, thermal, and visual sensors. The state-of-the-art prototype has a total of six rotors – two double blade rotors and four triple blade rotors. The new drones are fully autonomous and can travel up to 15 miles. Amazon has been delivering packages via drone in the UK since 2016. Amazon has a fulfillment center on the outskirts of Cambridge, UK and can use delivery drones to deliver small packages to nearby customers. The delivery drones can land safely in customers’ yards and then return to the fulfillment center without the need for human operators. Amazon tests its drones in the countryside surrounding Cambridge because the large fields make perfect landing spots for drones. Amazon recently received FAA approval to operate delivery drones in the US. Keep watching to learn more about Amazon Prime Air.

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