3D Robotics Solo Drone

Before you go out and purchase the first drone you come across, you’re going to want to take your time and do some research. You should take a look at 3 or more different drones before you make your decision. The 3D Robotics Solo is a drone that really stands out from the crowd for a variety of reasons. It has a nice black frame that visually pops out against the blue skies. Bright lights are nesting under each strut in order to make sure you can keep up with your drone if you’re flying at twilight.

Measurements and Additional Information

The aircraft measures 10x18x18 inches and weighs in at 4 pounds. Mind you, there is a camera installed, so you will need to register the drone with the FAA before you use it in the United States.

The rotors are easy to screw in – simply place them and tighten them via a counterclockwise or clockwise twist. The rotors are marked, so you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out which direction to turn it. The prop hubs have been marked in silver or black, which corresponds with the marks that are on the tip of each motor.

While most of the drones have batteries that are placed in the chassis, this one right here has battery locks that are placed at the top of the aircraft. The battery is in the elongated oval bump that runs on the top of the Solo and it’s marked with the 3DR Logo, which also includes the power button for the drone. Simply by pressing the button one time, a series of LED lights will turn on – this indicates how much of a charge you have on the battery. Pressing the button a second time will power the drone.

Taking Pictures with the 3D Robotics Solo

Mind you, this drone does not come with a dynamic gimbal or a camera. However, it does come with a GoPro frame. This means, if you want to, you can add a GoPro to your Solo package – this will put the price up a bit, but if you want to use the drone in order to take pictures, this is a good idea.

Flying the Drone

Before you go out and fly a drone anywhere, it is important that you’re not flying in a designated no-fly zone by the FAA. Thankfully, there is a Solo app that is available on iOS and Android that will tell you – it even has built in alerts that will let you know if you’re within five miles of an airport, or some other no-fly zone. If you are flying near an airport, the app will give you the phone number to the nearest control tower in order to inform them that you will be operating inside that space.

As far as takeoff goes, this is a two-step process. After you have the GPS locked, you will need to hold the Fly button down on the remote in order to start the motors. Once the props are spinning, all you have to do is hold “Fly” down again in order to take off. Before you know it, your drone will be ascending into the air and you will be able to take control of it.




The 3D Robotics Solo drone is a great choice. This is an advanced drone that has some strong features. These features include integration with GoPro cameras, a good remote control and numerous Smart Shot modes.




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Holidays at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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